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About Us

Italian Experience

Jeremy Rothman approaches video production with the passion of an artist approaching a canvas. After receiving his BFA in Film Production from the School of Visual Arts in NYC, Jeremy found himself with the opportunity to move to Rome, Italy, and began working as a DP in the country known for such greats as Michelangelo & Caravaggio. It was an opportunity to appreciate the beautiful Mediterranean light and blend it with artificial light to create unique moods.

Being in Rome also afforded Jeremy the opportunity to be a part of historical events, including religious events with Pope John Paul II and political events, such as Gorbachev's meeting with President George Bush in Malta, and sporting events such as the World Cup in Italy and the Italian Open, featuring Sampras, Agassi, Seles, and Navratilova.

Return to the USA

Jeremy returned to the US and settled in Los Angeles. During this period, he developed his craft, built on his experience in Italy, and discovered cutting-edge tools offered by the production industry. His passion for the profession grew and was shooting promos, PSAs, and corporate productions as well as behind-the-scenes specials for the major studios. After basking in the Southern California sun, Jeremy returned to the East Coast and is now based outside Boston. He enjoys the four seasons and draws on his accumulated experience of working in Italy and Los Angeles to serve clients who want to shoot in New England.

Sail Boats in New Boston

And when he's not shooting, he takes a moment to enjoy spending time with Leia.

A World of Experience

Jeremy appreciates having a job that allows him to travel and experience different cultures. Over the course of his career, he has shot in locations all over Europe, North Africa, and Asia, including:

  • Japan
  • The Philippines
  • Mexico
  • Germany
  • Bahamas
  • Jamaica
  • Tunisia
  • Egypt
  • Jordan
  • France
  • Belgium
  • Netherlands


A small example of the many broadcasts, corporate, and internet clients as the list continues to grow!

  • A&E Biography
  • ABC™
  • Amgen™
  • Animal Planet™
  • ARD™
  • Bachelorette™
  • Bank of America™
  • BBC™
  • CBS™
  • Discovery™
  • DW Drumworks™
  • ESPN™
  • Extra™
  • Fox™
  • Genzyme™
  • Harvard™
  • History Channel™
  • ITN™
  • MacNeil/Lehrer™
  • MLB Network™
  • MTV™
  • NBA Entertainment™
  • NBAE™
  • NBC™
  • NFL Network™
  • NHRA™
  • Nippon TV™
  • Pfizer™
  • PhRMA™
  • RAI™
  • Sunkist Growers™
  • Travel Channel™
  • TWI Tennis™
  • VH1™
  • ZDF™

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