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The Right Camera for Your Project

Find the right camera for your project. In the old days, the choice of equipment was easy. The usual question was: "What camera do you use, Sony™ or Ikegami™?" These days it's more complicated as cameras and recording devices are becoming more specialized and greater choices, with an ever-changing line of cameras from Panasonic, Sony, Canon, and Arri. We select a camera package that's right for your needs, based on your desired resolution, codec, editing systems, and viewing device.

Jeremy Rothman

"I believe that today's cameras are only a small part of what makes a good image, the rest is the use of light and composition. A good cameraman is not known by what camera he uses, but how he uses it."

Post Production
Matching your format to your post-production software is important. Producers should confirm with their post-production facility or editor to make sure they are using compatible standards. Final Cut™, Avid™, and Adobe Premiere™ are the primary systems for post-production, and the main standards include:

• Apple Pro-Res

• P2

External Recorders
Convergent Design Odyssey 7 Series, Atomos Shogun, Sound Design Pix240, or Aja KiPro Mini recorders are excellent choices to use as external recorders depending on your camra choice and post-productions needs. Older SSD recorders also exist, but the aforementioned recorders are becoming recognized as the industry standard. These recorders are great options whether shooting in RAW, 4K, or HD.

Standard Packages
Every production has different needs and depending on your project we can put together a camera package that works within your needs and budget and every shoot includes the minimum necessary to create a beautiful look for your interviews, b-roll or small studio production. I have created camera package setups to help provide your project with what it needs based on what your budget criteria. Those setups are for either a 2 person EFP, 2 person ENG or 1 person crew. For packages and rates, please contact usAdditional gear is available upon request and quoted as needed, including crew, audio, lighting, and grip equipment.


• 4K/HD Cameras (Panasonic, Sony & Canon)
• 7" HD Monitor  

• Cartoni Tripod (Standard and Baby Legs)

• Not part of the standard camera package but, available upon request: Convergent Odyssey 7Q+ 

Audio Gear:

• Sound Devices 552, 663 (Mix Pre-D or Similar)
• 2 Hardwire Lavelier Mics
• 2 Wireless Mics
• 1 Omni-Directional Mic

• 1 Shotgun Directional Mic
• Audio Accessories

Standard EFP Lighting Package:

• 2 Tungsten Soft Lights
• 4 Tungsten Fresnels

• Kino Flo Diva 400

   Light Stands, C-Stands and Various Grip
   & Electric Accessories

• 2 Chimeras for Fresnels

• 1x1 Bi-Color LED  

Available Upon Request:
• Cinevate 48" HoriZen Slider, RedRock Micro "One Man Crew" Robotic slider and EZFX Jr. Jib, Joker 400 HMI.  Additional Crew & Gear is available upon request and quoted as needed.

Contact Jeremy Productions at (978) 649-9070 to find out more about how we can be a part of your production.


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